Child of Yemaya : Journey to self realization

Who would have known the time would come so soon. Throughout my growth I've come to understand that change is constant. Fulfillment, wholeness, understanding these are just same of the things that people seek in life. Fulfillment from a career, spirituality, relationships. Wholeness within self and understanding of everything we may not understand. 

Like everyone twenty-twenty me hard, from losing my father, my boyfriend leaving me and financial stability crashing and my apartment. This time I felt defeated, you dont know how bad depression is until you go through it. They say your twenties are the times where you find yourself, go through the motions to find what you like, what make you happy. However, here I am twentysomething feeling like I've sunken in the couch into a dark space like the black guy in the movie "Get Out." 

Ding, Ding, 

I turned to spiritual guidance to help me out of the darkness and I came across ifa, a religion ancient from west Africa. Showing gratitude to the sun the moon the universe, receiving guidance from our ancestors and orishas. The orishas also know as the seven african powers, were gods and goddesses 


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